Unboxing: Unplugged Book Box – June 2019 – Create Your Own Sunshine

Hello everyone! Today I am so excited to share my unboxing of the June Unplugged Book Box, which had the theme “Create Your Own Sunshine.” (Isn’t that the cutest theme?) Though I’ve seen plenty of unboxing videos, this is actually my first time ever trying Unplugged Book Box. I was recently chosen to be one of their Summer Solstice Reps, so there are more unboxing posts to come! If you like what you see here (spoiler alert: you will!) be sure to use my code STARUNPLUG10 to save on the 3, 6, or 12-month subscriptions to either box!

To briefly give a rundown of Unplugged Book Box, they’re a subscription box that focuses on self-care. In every box, you’ll get some lovely self-care items among other things. There are both adult and YA boxes. They’ve been around since August 2018 (CHECK THIS FACT) and are constantly getting better and better!

Now, without further ado, let’s see what was in this month’s box!


Carry On Inspired Sugar Scrub (Typewriter Hearts)

Love is Love is Love Shower Steamer (Bubble Princess)

Tea (Riddles Tea Shoppe)

Sailor Moon inspired Enamel Pin (Unplugged Book Box)

Pouch (Novel Grounds)

Book – Like a Love Story by Abdi Nazemian


This was my first box from Unplugged book box, and I was pleasantly surprised with the contents. I’ll start out with the self-care items. The sugar scrub smells amazing. After I finished my unboxing I ran around the house to let my family give it a whiff, and everyone thought it smelled amazing. Though the scent is pomegranate, in some ways it also smells a bit like sour watermelon candy, which is a great scent. Next, there was also a shower steamer. I’ve never tried one before, so I’m so excited. Plus, I love that it’s wrapped up like a little Valentine’s day candy.

Moving on to the other items! I thought that the pouch was the perfect item for this theme! It’s small, so I’ll probably use it to store makeup items on the go or to carry around my washi tape. Next, I think the enamel pin is quite cute. I had to look the spoiler card to know what fandom it was for, but I was really surprised to see that it was inspired by Sailor Moon! It’s a really interesting way to represent that fandom. Lastly, we have the tea. It comes in the type of packaging that lets you see the tea through the clear back, and before I even read the ingredients, I was in love with what I saw. Can’t wait to taste it!

Before we get to the book, the last “item” was the card with the monthly recipe and playlist! I’m super excited for the recipe, which isn’t something I say often. I don’t consume dairy products, so the fact that this recipe calls for coconut milk and Oreos made my heart soar. I might make a post on here testing it out! On the back side is the playlist inspired by the monthly theme. I already recognize some songs, so I’m hoping that I find some new favorites here.

Lastly, we have the book. It’s Like a Love Story by Abdi Nazemian. I had actually never heard of it before, but I’m excited to add it to my June TBR, because I think it would be great to read another LGBTQ book this month! Also, this is just me being a book nerd, but I love the texture of the book itself! (It’s sort of a gritty, unfinished matte texture, and I love it!)

The Verdict

I’m giving the June box 4/5 stars. All of the items were high quality and nice, but I couldn’t really relate to most of the fandoms here. I haven’t read the Raven Cycle or Carry on, but I do love Sailor Moon, so that was nice. I do love that even if you don’t know the fandom, the items are still useable in your self-care routine. I can definitely sense the love and care put into this box, but I just wish that there had been a bigger item in. I am excited about the book, and I appreciate that they went with a lesser known book rather than a big new release that every other box is doing!

Thanks for reading! July’s theme will be “Stars are Only Visible in Darkness.” Feel free to use my code STARUNPLUG to save on a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription!

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