6 Upcoming Books that I Want to Buy Almost Exclusively Because of the Cover

Hey all! I've very much been missing browsing the shelves of B&N and Half Price Books lately, so I decided to take to Netgalley and look at all of the pretty covers. Well, the beautiful upcoming covers have definitely enticed me, and while I try not to judge books by their covers, I'm definitely going... Continue Reading →

November 2020 TBR – Nearing the End of the Year

My oh my, how had this crazy year flown by so fast? As the year starts to wind down and the holiday season begins, I hope I'll have some time to curl up and squeeze in some nice reads. I plan on participating in Nanowrimo and I'll be a bit busy with a new project... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Wednesday: Exclusive Book Covers

Hello everyone, and welcome to another Top 5 Wednesday! Today, I came up with my own prompt, "Top 5 Favorite Exclusive Book Covers!" These days, it's not uncommon for a highly anticipated book to get an exclusive cover or reversible dust jacket, usually from bookstores like Barnes and Noble, or from subscription boxes like Owlcrate.... Continue Reading →

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