Unboxing & Review: Faecrate – September 2020 – Alliance

Hello everyone! Faecrate has been a box that I've heard things about for a long time, both good and bad. I personally knew of their box from the spectacular Wicked King Hangover Recovery Crateback in 2018. However, I heard many conflicting reviews from fellow book lovers about their monthly boxes, so I always just kept... Continue Reading →

Unboxing & Review: Reel Bookish Box – September 2020 – The Pirate’s Life

Hello everyone! Time for yet another Reel Bookish unboxing post! This time it's for the September box, which has the theme "The Pirate's Life." Can you guess what movie some of the items will be based on? This box marks a few new changes for Reel Bookish! There will be a photo challenge, as well... Continue Reading →

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