Top 5 Wednesday: Fictional Places I’d Take A Date To

Good morning, and happy Wednesday! It's time for yet another Top 5 Wednesday post! The prompt for today was "Fictional Places You'd Take A Date To," and trust me, this was a fun post to write! While reading, I often think about if I'd want to visit the world. Since I usually read a lot... Continue Reading →

ARC Review: Pilu of the Woods by Mai K. Nguyen

Date Started: 2/23/19 Date Finished: 2/23/19 Publication Date: 4/17/19 Genre: Graphic Novel Rating: 5/5 Goodreads Thoughts: *I received a free e-copy of this book via Netgalley* Lately, I've been getting more and more into graphic novels, as they allow a busy college student like myself to read a lot in a short time. They're typically... Continue Reading →

Review: Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

Date Started: 1/23/19 Date Finished: 2/22/19 Publication Date: 6/5/12 Genre: YA Fantasy POV: 1st Person POV Rating: 3/5 Goodreads Thoughts: I started Shadow and Bone with high expectations. There's been so much hype around the Grishaverse novels as of late due to the recent publication of King of Scars, so I decided to finally leap into the series. I've... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Wednesday: Nostalgic Ships

Hello again everyone! I'm here with another Top 5 Wednesday Post! Today's theme is Nostalgic Ships. While I wasn't really into shipping people together when I was younger, I still had my OTPs! Here are my top 5 nostalgic ships. 1. Across the Universe - Beth Revis Here it is, baby's first ship! While Across... Continue Reading →

January in Review

Hello everyone, and happy February! January was definitely a busy month. After a nice, relaxing vacation I settled back into the familiar grind of school and work. Finding a nice balance for social time, studying, and reading has been tricky, but things are finally settling down and I've found myself with a lot more time... Continue Reading →

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