Unconventional Reading: Webcomics

Hello everyone! I’m starting a new series on my blog, all about some of the more “unconventional” ways that people read. I realized that while I read a ton of books, a lot of my reading comes in other formats as well, and I thought that those formats should be highlighted as well!

Today, I wanted to feature Webcomics, which are one of my favorite forms of non-book reading.

What are Webcomics?

Webcomics, or webtoons as they’re more commonly known in South Korea, are comics that are published online. You may have previously stumbled across webcomics on social media sites or on apps like WEBTOON. Many webcomics, like We Are Here Forever and Cyanide and Happiness, are hosted on their own websites.

Some of these comics are fun standalones, good for a quick laugh (and social media share.) Others are episodic with storylines that can span anywhere from a few weeks to years! Sometimes, either after a series is finished or while its still ongoing, the comic is published in a physical book form, which is super exciting both for the fans and the creator!

Because of their format as digital comics, it can be hard to quantify them in your reading goal counts. However, I don’t think that they should be disregarded or considered lesser than normal books. I’ve spent hours binge-reading comics on the WEBTOON app, and I know tons of people who get enjoyment from reading quick comics on Instagram. And I mean, hey, they’re still words on a page (or screen, in this case!)

To celebrate webcomics, I’ve made a list of just a few of my favorites below. Go check them out and do some unconventional reading!

My Webcomic Recommendations

Sirens Lament

This webcomic has been ongoing since 2016, and 3 years later, we’re still going strong. It tells the story of a girl who gets tied up in a siren curse, which she must work to break before she loses her humanity for good. The art is BREATHTAKING! This is one of my top favorites, and I even have a signed poster and pop socket from a comic convention!

Strange Planet

This is one of my favorite webcomics ever! It’s posted on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, and it never ceases to make me laugh. The comics are about aliens living their day-to-day lives, which really aren’t too different than our own. However, it’s written in an amusing and endearing way and is so hilarious.

A Budgie’s Life

Well, I’m totally biased toward liking this webcomic. I have 6 little pet budgies, so reading adorable comics about personified birds is definitely up my alley. Presented in the long scrolling format of the Webtoons site, it’s easy to binge one or two or ten episodes at a time.

Cyanide and Happiness

This was one of the first webcomics I came across. It’s full of dark humor, weirdness, and occasionally offensive jokes. If those don’t bother you, give Cyanide and Happiness a try! They even have a Cards Against Humanity-style game called Joking Hazard where you can make comics, if you’re interested.

Have you read any of these webcomics? If you read webcomics, recommend your favorites in the comments below so that I can check them out!

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