September 2020 TBR – Short but sweet and totally realistic

Hi everyone! I officially declare that this is the month that I officially get back into reading regularly. I spent the earlier months of the pandemic either not interested in reading, or tackling more intimidating and time consuming books like The Name of the Wind and The Binding. This month I'm getting back into my... Continue Reading →

Review: Wicked Saints by Emily A. Duncan

Hello everyone! Ruthless Gods by Emily A. Duncan comes out next month, so I decided to finally crack open my gorgeous Owlcrate copy of Wicked Saints and read it to see if I should preorder a copy to match (Spoiler alert, I should, and in fact, I already did!) Keep reading to learn more about... Continue Reading →

Unconventional Reading: Webcomics

Hello everyone! I'm starting a new series on my blog, all about some of the more "unconventional" ways that people read. I realized that while I read a ton of books, a lot of my reading comes in other formats as well, and I thought that those formats should be highlighted as well! Today, I... Continue Reading →

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