4 Years of Starlight Reads!

Hello everyone! The other day, I was checking my email and I saw this cute email from Tumblr!


That’s right, 4 years ago, on May 25, 2015, I started up my blog on Tumblr. To celebrate, I figured that I’d tell the story of how I got into the book community all those years ago!

It all started as a school project, to be honest. In high school, I was part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, which had a lot of rigorous requirements. I don’t want to get too much into it, because it would be a bit boring and complex to explain, but as part of one requirement, I needed to do a creative project. I toyed around with a lot of ideas, like painting a mural in town, starting up some writing group, and a bunch of other ideas, but ultimately I realized that I could use my love of books to my advantage! I started up my blog on Tumblr and immediately tried to thrust myself into the community. I was writing reviews (which can actually be seen on this site if you go all the way back,) taking really cringy and badly edited photos of books, and trying to interact with people. Looking back, I only got about 250 follows on Tumblr, which isn’t much at all, but hey, I had a good time. The blog went through a lot of theme changes, but the original Tumblr blog is still online here, if you want to go back and see where I came from.

At one point, I took all of my posts from Tumblr and moved them to Blogger. Why? I guess that I wanted to feel more official. I felt that publishers wouldn’t take a Tumblr blogger as seriously, and back then, Netgalley was my life. I wanted to get all of the e-arcs I could (which I do not recommend!) That blog is still up too, found here.

Eventually, after the project was over and I was transitioning to college, my blog kind of fell to the wayside. Updates were sporadic (at best) and I really didn’t have my heart in it at all. It wasn’t until last summer that I came back hardcore. I returned to Tumblr for a little bit in late June, which is also when I started my Bookstagram! In August, I finally took the plunge and bought the URL to this site and started up my blog here! Since then, I’ve been posting more consistently than ever. Sure, school gets in the way and keeps me from posting every now and again, but I’m more dedicated to this blog than any of the others, and I can confidently say that this one is here to stay for a long time.

Well, that was the semi-abbreviated but also fairly complete history of my blogging experience. As always, I’m excited to see how it’ll continue to progress, and where I’ll be in another 4 years! I’ve already got some secret summer plans in the works that you’ll probably here about both here and on my bookstagram account, so make sure to follow me to get all of the latest news!

Thanks for reading!

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