Publishing Internship Diaries: The First Week

Hello everyone! As some of you might know, one of my longtime dreams is to work in the publishing industry. Well, this summer my dream as (partially!) come true. I was selected to be a summer intern at Sourcebooks Publishing! Not only is the internship in the field I want to work in, but it’s also conveniently located in my home state of Illinois, rather than New York City, the hub of publishing.

Over the next 12 weeks of my internship, I’ll be sharing weekly updates here on my blog. Of course, I won’t be able to share every little detail, as Sourcebooks is a business and some info is confidential, but I’ll share what I can. I want to give a general overview of my experience, as it might help someone else in the future as they try to figure out if publishing is really for them.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

The Internship

Before we get into the specifics of how my first week went, I figured I’d explain a little bit about how the internship works. The internship lasts for 12 weeks and is divided into three 4-week rotations: Editorial, Marketing, and Content Delivery. Throughout those 12 weeks, I’ll get to attend informational summits with leaders from other departments so that I can really get a feel for everything that goes on in publishing. I’m really glad that the internship is set up this way, as it will allow me to explore a bit and find where I really belong in publishing.

Week 1

My first week has started off a bit slowly, with a fair amount of downtime. Consider it the tutorial level of a video game, if you will. As expected, my first day was mainly an orientation, which involved meeting the other interns, touring the office, learning about Sourcebooks and the industry as a whole, and meeting with the intern managers for my current rotation.

I’m starting in Content Delivery, and I think that’s part of the reason why it’s starting off a bit slowly. This department is divided into four different areas (Cover Design, Production Editorial, Page Production, and Manufacturing) and I actually got to choose which one I’d focus on! However, before I could choose, I had a series of 4 “crash course” meetings that gave me a rundown of what each area does and the types of things I might work on. The meetings were very informative and everyone gave a great overview of their department, but between meetings, I didn’t have much of anything to do because I hadn’t chosen yet.

On Friday, after all of the meetings were done, I met with one of my managers to officially choose. I chose to focus on Cover Design! It seemed the most interesting to me and while I found all of them to me intriguing, I think I’ll have the best time working in this area! Luckily, I think I’ll get to study a bit of manufacturing on the side too, because I found that to be really interesting too. (They explained how foiling and embossing details are applied, and I was hooked!) After I chose, there wasn’t really much left to do, since the manager for Cover Design wasn’t in, so I got to leave early! Next week I’ll have a lot more to do though, and I’m excited to get busy!

That wraps up my first week at Sourcebooks. Check back next Friday for another weekly update post!

Thanks for reading!

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