My New Editorial Internship!!!

Hi all! I have some exciting news to share today. Recently, I secured an editorial Internship at North Star Editions, where I'll be working with the Flux and Jolly Fish Press imprints, which deals with YA and MG books! It's really a dream come true! I actually started on Monday, so today marks the end... Continue Reading →

November Wrap Up (AKA, Where Have I Been?)

Hello everyone! If you're a regular at this blog, you may have noticed that I didn't post anything during the entire month of November! No reviews, no blog tour posts, no unboxings, nothing! Well, that's because November was probably my busiest month of the year, and I had to prioritize my schoolwork and mental health... Continue Reading →

New Theme + Fun Updates

Hello everyone! You might have noticed that I changed up my blog's theme today! I made it a bit darker, but made sure to keep my fun galaxy theme (because what would Starlight-Reads be without some stars?) I'm still getting used to the new theme, so bear with me and my next few posts as... Continue Reading →

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