To Buy Or Not To Buy? – The Bookish Box – August 2021 – Witches & Covens

Hi all! For today's To Buy or Not to Buy post we'll be looking The Bookish Box's August theme: Witches & Covens. Keep reading to learn more about the box and if I think it'll be worth it! As usual, all of the opinions in this post are my own, so please take them with... Continue Reading →

To Buy Or Not To Buy? – The Bookish Box – Blood and Ash Deluxe Set

Okay, so suddenly everyone is doing a deluxe set of books for the Blood and Ash series! I made a post a few days ago about Fairyloot's deluxe set, and now The Bookish Box and Illumicrate (Post coming soon, I promise!) are putting together boxes to go along with their sets! At this rate, I... Continue Reading →

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