To Buy Or Not To Buy? – Illumicrate – A Court of Silver Flames – Mini Box

Okay y'all, it's time for an emergency freak out. (I know that this makes for two "To Buy or Not to Buy" posts in a row, but I couldn't resist drafting this up last night! Illumicrate recently announced a special mini box for A Court of Silver Flames. As a huge ACOTAR fan, I was... Continue Reading →

To Buy Or Not To Buy? – Illumicrate October 2020 – Life and Death

Hey all! I'm really on a roll with these To Buy or Not to Buy posts these days. They're quite fun to write late at night when the insomnia hits, and hey, if they keep the FOMO at bay and keep my blog active with content, it's a win-win! Today I'll be talking about one... Continue Reading →

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