To Buy Or Not To Buy? – The Bookish Box – Blood and Ash Deluxe Set

Okay, so suddenly everyone is doing a deluxe set of books for the Blood and Ash series! I made a post a few days ago about Fairyloot's deluxe set, and now The Bookish Box and Illumicrate (Post coming soon, I promise!) are putting together boxes to go along with their sets! At this rate, I... Continue Reading →

To Buy Or Not To Buy? – Fairyloot – Blood and Ash Deluxe Set

Fairyloot has been killing it lately with their special edition deluxe sets! They're always so gorgeous and in my opinion, they've only gotten better and more exclusive over time. Today, I'm really excited to bring you a "To Buy or Not to Buy" post about their upcoming "Blood and Ash Deluxe Set" which sounds amazing... Continue Reading →

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