October 2020 TBR – Bring on the Spooky Reads!

Happy October everyone! It's officially spooky season. I don't have too many spooky books planned for this month, but there are a few darker fantasy reads on my list that will help to bring on the spooky vibes. I'd love more recommendations though, so please leave them down below! Now, let's get into the list... Continue Reading →

September 2020 TBR – Short but sweet and totally realistic

Hi everyone! I officially declare that this is the month that I officially get back into reading regularly. I spent the earlier months of the pandemic either not interested in reading, or tackling more intimidating and time consuming books like The Name of the Wind and The Binding. This month I'm getting back into my... Continue Reading →

My January 2020 TBR

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a lovely Thursday (or whenever you're reading this!) Today, I'd just like to type up my monthly TBR! I'm already halfway done with one book, which is why I've included 5 books here rather than 4, which would be more in keeping with my New Year's Resolution to read... Continue Reading →

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