To Buy Or Not To Buy? – The Bookish Box – August 2021 – Witches & Covens

Hi all! For today’s To Buy or Not to Buy post we’ll be looking The Bookish Box’s August theme: Witches & Covens. Keep reading to learn more about the box and if I think it’ll be worth it!

As usual, all of the opinions in this post are my own, so please take them with a grain of salt, and don’t be offended if my least favorite fandom is your favorite. We all have our own preferences. 🙂

SPOILER ALERT! These posts will name the included book of the month, which often isn’t announced in advance. Please don’t continue to read if you want to be surprised by the book.

The Box Details

Company: Bookish Box

Theme: Witches & Covens

Month: August 2021

Information Link:

Cost: $41.99 for the book and goodies, $57.50 for the book, goodies, and shirt, and $30.99 for the book only

Included Fandoms: Throne of Glass, The Witch Haven, Twilight, A Discovey of Wishes, and Kingdom of the Wicked.

Anticipated Book of the Month: The Witch Haven by Sasha Peyton Smith

Special Book Features: Exclusive Cover, Reverse dust jacket art by @bukhovskidraws, sprayed edges, custom end pages, artwork inside book by @bukhovskidraws, exclusive foil stamp on the hardcover case, and signed by author.

Early Reveals so far: Enamel Pin by @ironandinkdesigns, Shirt inspired by Legendborn by @tracydeonn

My Thoughts

My thoughts this time are a bit different, as I already purchased the box, so this time I’ll just give you the reasoning that I used to make my decision. I actually ended up buying the book only box first, as the options with the items sold out before I could get to them. Luckily they restocked recently and I was able to upgrade to the book and goodies option. This will actually be my first Bookish Box since November 2018!!!

Let’s start with the book, as that’s the main reason why I got this box. I first saw The Witch Haven’s beautiful original cover on Twitter a few months ago and fell in love. I fell even deeper in love with it as I read the synopsis. Imagine my surprise when I saw that Bookish Box was offering it in their August box! While I’m excited to see their exclusive cover, I’m kind of hoping that it’s just a slight color change (maybe a beautiful midnight blue background or a deep burgundy red) but you never know with Bookish! Sometimes they surprise us with beautiful original covers! There will also be sprayed edges and other fun customizations, so I know the book itself will be worth the cost.

Bookish Box’s items can be a bit hit or miss for me. Usually there’s a jewelry piece in most boxes, which isn’t really my favorite item to get, but they can be nice. I wore the star necklace all the time in college until it broke (my fault, not a quality issue!) We’ll be getting an enamel pin this month, which is exciting! The fandoms are actually quite exciting to me, which is why I wanted to upgrade to the full box option. I like that they’re including an item inspired by our monthly book, along with my beloved Twilight and Kingdom of the Wicked. I’m excited to see what’s included!

I used I rep code on my order, so it only came to around $36 instead of $41, so make sure to use a code! Considering that brand new hardcovers tend to cost around $20, the full box is a great deal! With such a fun witchy theme, the book, and the fandoms, I couldn’t resist! Boxes are still on sale at the time of posting, so check them out!


  • Very excited for the book
  • Affordable with discount code (and free shipping!)
  • Great fandoms
  • Very fun exclusive customizations!


  • On the fence about the typical item quality of this box (Stay tuned for my unboxing next month, where I’ll go over the quality and value!

Thanks for reading my ramble! Let me know in the comments what you think of the book, theme, and items! Would you get this box?

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