To Buy Or Not To Buy? – Fairyloot – May 2021 – Spellcraft

Hi all! Last week, Fairyloot announced both their April and May themes as part of their Fairy Reveal Week! I couldn’t resist writing up a post for both of these announcements, which will hopefully help you analyze the boxes and determine if you want to get one – or both! I already made a post about the April box a few days ago, and now it’s time for May’s theme, which is Spellcraft.

As usual, all of the opinions in this post are my own, so please take them with a grain of salt, and don’t be offended if my least favorite fandom is your favorite. We all have our own preferences. 🙂

SPOILER ALERT! These posts will name the included book of the month, which often isn’t announced in advance. Please don’t continue to read if you want to be surprised by the book.

The Box Details

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-3.png

Company: Fairyloot

Theme: Spellcraft

Month: May 2021

Information Link:

Cost: $33.90 + Shipping

Included Fandoms: by Serpent & Dove, Throne of Glass, Raybearer, Crave and 1 non-fandom specific item.

Anticipated Book of the Month: Witches Steeped in Gold by Ciannon Smart

Special Book Features: Exclusive Completely Redesigned Cover, Stenciled Edges on all three edges , art on the reverse side of the dust jacket by, foil embossing on the hardcover case, a ribbon bookmark attached to the book, and signed by author

Early Reveals so far: Tumbler Cup Designed by  @chattynora

My Thoughts

Prior to Fairyloot’s announcement, I hadn’t paid much attention to Witches Steeped in Gold. Even when they announced the theme, I still didn’t pay the book much mind until I sat down to write this post. After reading the synopsis I’m intrigued, but I’m not entirely sold on the story yet. Early readers really seemed to like it, but I’m probably going to need to read an excerpt before I can make my decision on the book.

Let’s talk about the physical book and all of its pretty exclusive customizations. I listed them above, but one of the most exciting the completely redesigned exclusive cover! I know that some people have had mixed feelings on some of Fairyloot’s other majorly redesigned covers (like Lore and Fable,) but I’m the type who gets very excited for major redesigns! I’m not a big fan of the book’s original cover, so I’m very excited to see what the exclusive new design will look like. I’m personally hoping for tons of gold foiling and stunning pattern work, but we’ll have to wait and see! I’m sure that the design will look amazing, especially when paired with the stencil sprayed edges, which will actually span all 3 sides of the book pages, and not just the side opposite of the spine like most of Fairyloot’s other stenciled edges.

To speak of the fandoms/items, I’m not very interested in getting a tumbler cup, mainly because if the tumbler’s fandom is one that I really like, I might feel more tempted to just display the cup on my shelf rather than actually using it. (Like I did with the Cruel Prince cup from Fairyloot’s March 2020 box). I also tend to not really be a tumbler person in general, but aside from that, I’m excited to see Raybearer, Throne of Glass, and Serpent and Dove as fandoms for May! I wasn’t a big fan of Crave, as you can see from my review, but depending on what the item is, I could probably still enjoy it.

In conclusion, I’m not yet sure if I’ll get this box or not. I’m leaning toward no, but if they do any reveals, that could change my mind. The fandoms are all very fun and popular ones, but as always, I’m not willing to get a box solely because of the fandoms, but depending on how my opinion of the book develops as we get closer to May, I might consider getting it for the highly exclusive edition of the book.


  • Very exclusive book customizations, including a completely redesigned cover!
  • Includes Fandoms that I really enjoy
  • Highly anticipated Release
  • US based shipping facility (affordable shipping for me)


  • Not personally interested in the tumbler cup
  • Not completely sold on the book yet (I need to find an excerpt first)

Thanks for reading my ramble! Let me know in the comments what you think of the book, theme, and items! Would you get this box?

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