To Buy Or Not To Buy? – Fairyloot – Blood and Ash Deluxe Set

Fairyloot has been killing it lately with their special edition deluxe sets! They’re always so gorgeous and in my opinion, they’ve only gotten better and more exclusive over time. Today, I’m really excited to bring you a “To Buy or Not to Buy” post about their upcoming “Blood and Ash Deluxe Set” which sounds amazing already! If you’re a fan on Jennifer L. Armentrout’s latest series, keep reading to learn more about the deluxe set

Skip to the bottom of the post for a TL;DR Pros and Cons list if you’re in a hurry! As usual, make sure to do your own research and form your own opinions before making a purchase!

As usual, all of the opinions in this post are my own, so please take them with a grain of salt, and don’t be offended if my least favorite fandom is your favorite. We all have our own preferences. 🙂

The Box Details

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Company: Fairyloot

Theme: Blood and Ash Deluxe Set

Month: N/A (but will ship in June/July.)

Information Link:

Cost:  $109 USD + shipping

Books: From Blood and Ash, A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire, and The Crown of Gilded Bones by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Special Book Features:  Exclusive newly designed covers by @micaelaalcainodesign, stencil sprayed edges, artwork on the reverse side of the dust jacket by @bxromance, and foil embossing on hardcover case by @bxromance. The first book will be signed, and books 2 & 3 will have a digital printed signature.

My Thoughts

I’ll start by saying that the From Blood and Ash series has blown up in popularity lately. I keep seeing it all over social media, so of course I had to pick up a copy. I just started reading the sample yesterday night, and I can already see why people have been loving this series. Now, since I haven’t finished the first book yet, I can’t speak on this box set from the position of a die-hard fan who has to have every single copy of the book (which is probably for the best considering that I’m trying to curb my 2021 spending!)

I’ll start out with what will probably be the biggest deterrent to people getting this set: the price. At over $100 dollars for just 3 books, this isn’t the most affordable set I’ve ever seen. I’m glad that they at least announced the set months in advance so that people can save up in time.

Now, I won’t say that the cost isn’t justified. The customizations that make this set unique are amazing. Rather than just changing the covers slightly with a color change or foiling, Fairyloot is working with professional book cover designer Micaela Alcaino for brand new exclusive covers. Book cover design work isn’t cheap, and especially not from a designer of her caliber. (She’s worked on some of my favorite UK covers.) In addition to that, there will be art from @bxromance on both the reverse side of the dust jacket and embossed onto the case. If those two things weren’t enough, there’s also going to be stencil sprayed edges on all three books! None of these things come cheap, so at approximately $36 per hardcover book, we’re getting a pretty good deal. (Keep in mind that the original paperbacks are already a bit pricey at $16 on Amazon.)

I do have a bit of an issue with the fact that the series isn’t completely finished yet. Fairyloot says that they’ll do a matching edition of book 4 when it’s released, but I wish that they had just waited another year or so for that book to come out so that I could pay for it all at once and get it all at once. (Even with their US shipping location, shipping can be expensive.) I’m sure it’s because the series is gaining traction now and they want to jump on the hype, but I wish they’d just waited until later, like they did with their Caraval Deluxe Set.

In the end, I can’t say yet if I’ll get this set or not. I’m going to have to finish the already released books before I can make a financially sound decision for myself that isn’t based on FOMO or hype. I hope that Fairyloot will release some sort of sneak peek or spoiler about the set, but even if they don’t, I think that the set will monetarily be worth it. I don’t support flipping, but I’m sure that this set would also have some resale or trade value if I ever wanted to part with it. I’ll update you later on what my decision is!


  • Fantastic book customizations (See above!)
  • One of my favorite cover designers is working on the new dust jackets
  • Highly exclusive (you’ll only be able to get the new covers via Fairyloot.)
  • Ships from UK & US Fairytrove (so US buyers won’t have to pay international shipping!!!)
  • Highly popular book series


  • Very expensive set (each book is about $36 dollars, which is extreme.)
  • Doesn’t include the 4th book (I wish they would wait for the series to finish before releasing deluxe sets.)
  • As of the time of posting, we don’t know what the covers will look like (not sure if this will be revealed)
  • Fairyloot has had a lot of issues with their big special edition sales lately, so ordering might be an issue.

Thanks for reading my ramble! Let me know in the comments what you think of this deluxe set! Will you join me in the bloodbath that will be purchasing this box, or will you pass on it? Let me know in the comments!

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