Review: Some Other Now by Sarah Everett + #Ownvoices Reflection

Hi all! Today, I’m super excited to share my tour stop for the Some Other Now blog tour, organized by Hear Our Voices Book Tours! I absolutely love the hard work they’ve put in to connect #ownvoices readers with #ownvoices stories. Thank you to the blog tour company and the publisher for including me on this tour and providing me with a digital arc to read.

Now, let’s get into this fantastic YA contemporary read!

About the Book

Title: Some Other Now

Author: Sarah Everett

Publisher: HMH Books

POV: 1st Person

Genre: YA Contemporary

Release Date: 2/23/2021

Page Count: 368 pages

Links: Goodreads| Amazon | Books-A-Million |

Synopsis: Before she kissed one of the Cohen boys, seventeen-year-old Jessi Rumfield knew what it was like to have a family—even if, technically, that family didn’t belong to her. She’d spent her childhood in the house next door, challenging Rowan Cohen to tennis matches while his older brother, Luke, studied in the background and Mel watched over the three like the mother Jessi always wished she had.

But then everything changed. It’s been almost a year since Jessi last visited the Cohen house. Rowan is gone. Mel is in remission and Luke hates Jessi for the role she played in breaking his family apart. Now Jessi spends her days at a dead-end summer job avoiding her real mother, who suddenly wants to play a role in Jessi’s life after being absent for so long. But when Luke comes home from college, it’s hard to ignore the past. And when he asks Jessi to pretend to be his girlfriend for the final months of Mel’s life, Jessi finds herself drawn back into the world of the Cohens. Everything’s changed, but Jessi can’t help wanting to be a Cohen, even if it means playing pretend for one final summer.

About the Author

Sarah Everett is the author of No One Here is Lonely and Everyone We’ve Been. She remembers growing up in enchanted forests, on desert islands, and inside a magical wardrobe. She would only ever erase her memory of past karaoke performances and certain fashion choices. She lives in Alberta, Canada.

Links: Twitter | Instagram | Website | Goodreads

Review & Reflection

Every now and again, between reading heavier dark fantasy books, I love to pick up a nice contemporary book to read something a bit more grounded in reality. While this book wasn’t the typical lighthearted and fluffy contemporary that I’d normally reach for, it was incredibly realistic and well written. The dialogue, characters, and overall plot where quite believable (and heartbreaking!) I really liked how the story was broken into sections of Then and Now, which work quite well to reveal the big event that split the story in two. I was constantly compelled to keep reading to find out what happened.

As I’ve said in basically all of my #ownvoices reflections, it’s so refreshing and heartwarming to read books where the characters’ blackness isn’t necessarily the main focus or point of conflict. While there’s definitely an important place for books like that (think of books like Dear Martin and The Hate U Give) there are a lot of times where I just want to escape real world issues and read something with great black representation, but also where race isn’t the main issue. In my own life, my race is often a part of me bit of an afterthought unless it’s brought to the forefront of my mind by other events in the world. It’s like how most of the time you’re not aware of the fact that you’re breathing until someone calls your attention to it. It’s just who I am!

All in all, I’ll give Some Other Now 4/5 stars!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Thank you for reading, and thanks again to Hear Our Voices tours for including me on this tour! Don’t forget to check out the rest of the tour schedule here for more wonderful bookish content!

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