Unboxing & Review: Reel Bookish Box – September 2020 – The Pirate’s Life

Hello everyone! Time for yet another Reel Bookish unboxing post! This time it’s for the September box, which has the theme “The Pirate’s Life.” Can you guess what movie some of the items will be based on?

This box marks a few new changes for Reel Bookish! There will be a photo challenge, as well as a read-along! I’m super excited to participate in those.

As always, all opinions in this unboxing and review are my own, and are not influenced by the fact that I’m a rep for this box and received this for free.


Captain Jack Sparrow Mug – designed by A Fine Quotations

Will and Elizabeth Mini Notebook – designed by Hal the Story Gal

Iconic Female Pirates Poster – designed by Ann Pomelova

Treasure Bath Bomb from Da Bomb Bath

Fable Bookmark

Book: Fable by Adrienne Young

Bonus: Pirate coins!


As I stated earlier, I am a currently a rep for this box company. However, I’m committed to posting honest, unbiased reviews for everything on my blog, so I hope you’ll trust my judgement.

I’ll start out by saying that it’s been a long while since I’ve watched a Pirate’s of the Carribean movie. I was a little kid back then, so I’m quite rusty on the film. Additionally, unlike last month’s box, where I came I already loving the circus theme, I’m not the biggest fan of pirate stories, so I personally didn’t connect with this box as much as possible, but I definitely still liked it.

Let’s start by discussing the bath bomb, as it sort of affected the rest of the unboxing. It’s quite glittery and even though it’s still in the package, there was gold glitter everywhere in my box. It was on all of the items and got all over my hands, which was a bit annoying to clean up. I think that the inclusion of a hidden treasure bath bomb is quite the cute idea and fits the theme perfectly, but I think that putting it in a separate bag might have been a good option for an item like this.

A mug will always be one of favorite items to get in a book box, especially when they’re highly designed like this one. It’s both usable/practical and decorative, which I love. I have no complaints here!

I’m not the biggest fan on the mini notebook. I think that the art is cute and I’m really glad that Reel Bookish decided to support smaller artists, but it’s simply just not to my personal tastes. For mini notebooks to take on the go, I usually opt for very simplistic black Moleskine, as I don’t like to publicly doodle or jot down notes in something more attention-grabbing. Again, it’s just personal preference though! Quality-wise, it’s perfectly fine and even has additional art and designs on the insides of the front and back cover.

I unfortunately can’t really see myself using the poster. Again, super glad to see smaller artists being supported by this company, and I think that the art is quite nicely stylized, but I can’t really see myself (or many other adult box subscribers) putting this on a wall for display. Perhaps a younger subscriber or someone totally pirate obsessed might, but I personally am not a fan. However, I do really like that the main character of the book of the month, Fable, is included on the poster!

The last item is a smaller one. It’s just a bookmark with a quote from our book of the month. It’s nothing special to be honest, but I’m glad to have it in my bookmark collection, as I haven’t seen much merch for Fable yet.

Lastly, we have our book, Fable! As Reel Bookish is still a fairly small box, they weren’t able to get the books signed, nor were they able to get author content (bookplates, author letters, etc) for this book. That’s definitely not a dealbreaker for me, because I like the film-centric approach that Reel Bookish takes, but it’s something to consider if you’re the type who really wants special edition/signed books. I haven’t gotten to read the book yet, but I’m very excited to check it out.

All-in-all, I think that this was a fine box for a pirate lover. However, as someone who isn’t really a pirate lover, I wasn’t really able to connect with the box as much as I’d hoped. Thinking value-wise, I’m not quite sure if the value was completely there this month. The bookmark and poster (and technically the small notebook) were simple paper items and the bath bomb can be found in stores for around $5. I do like the sturdy, high quality mug as the bigger item in the box, but given that the book itself didn’t have special content or signatures, this bo was personally a bit of a miss for me, which is why I’m giving it just 3/5 stars.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget that if you want to try out one of Reel Bookish’s boxes for yourself, use code STARLIGHT10 to save on your order! October’s theme is A Twisted Web, and a deluxe box focusing on Anna and the French Kiss will be coming in late October! November’s Theme is Check out Reel Bookish’s page for more details!

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