To Buy Or Not To Buy? – Owlcrate October 2020 – Legends and Lore

Hey all! In the spirit of my recent post about FOMO and spending more time rationalizing my spending decisions, I decided to start up a new series where I’ll look at tempting monthly book subscription boxes for special editions and rationalize why I am or am not getting it. I’m the type who likes to type/talk things out in order to process things, so while these posts are mainly beneficial to me (and my wallet) hopefully you’ll be able to find some use in these posts as well! If anything, you can apply my same style of thinking to your own purchases! (If you find that I ramble on for too long, don’t worry! I’ll include a condensed pros and cons list toward the end, right before the final verdict.)

As usual, all of the opinions in this post are my own, so please take them with a grain of salt, and don’t be offended if my least favorite fandom is your favorite. We all have our own preferences. 🙂

SPOILER ALERT! These posts will name the included book of the month, which often isn’t announced in advance. Please don’t continue to read if you want to be surprised by the book.

The Box Details

Company: Owlcrate

Theme: Legends and Lore

Month: October 2020

Information Link:

Cost: $29.99 + Shipping & Tax

Included Fandoms: The Star-Touched Queen, A Song of Wraiths and Ruin, Spin the Dawn, Woven in Moonlight and Girls of Paper and Fire

Anticipated Book of the Month: Legendborn by Tracy Deonn

Special Book Features: Exclusive cover, exclusive artwork on the back of the dust jacket, exclusive stamp on the hardcover case and signed by the author (plus corresponding monthly enamel pin)

Early Reveals: Fabric Item designed by Jenine Lecour

The Rationale

Oh, how I wish I were more interested in this box! The book was written by a black woman, as as a young black blogger and aspiring author, I really want to support this release and her inclusion in such a big box. However, I’m just really not interested in the book, unfortunately. The synopsis doesn’t thrill me, and I don’t feel the need to own it just based on the cover. (I’ve been curbing my cover buys recently.) Also, as usual, art on the reverse side of the dust jacket is never a been contributing factor to me. It’s cool, most of the time the art stays hidden away.

Because I don’t have much interest in the book, which is the biggest part of the my decision to buy or not buy a book subscription box, the fandoms don’t really matter much to me. I will take a moment to say that Owlcrate rocks for including all POC fandoms in this box! It features two of their past exclusive books too, so I admire their continued support of their featured authors.

The best thing about Owlcrate being such a popular box is that it’s often not hard to find people selling all or most items from the box on the online B/S/T groups. I have no doubt that I’ll be able to grab any items I want from those groups for fairly cheap.

Owlcrate hasn’t really wowwed me recently, which is why I’m taking a break from it for the rest of 2020, as I mentioned in this post. I’m not really feeling any FOMO about this box at all, which is great! It shouldn’t surprise you what my final verdict will be.


  • Book by a black author!!!
  • POC fandoms!
  • At least one featured author is a woman of color
  • Girls of Paper and Fire and A Song of Wraiths and Ruin items!!
  • US based shipping facility
  • If I don’t get it, it won’t be hard to find items secondhand online


  • Not very interested in the book
  • Only really interested in 2/5 fandoms
  • Haven’t been thrilled by Owlcrate’s recent items
  • Cost

The Verdict

As you probably guessed, I won’t be getting this box. I’m just not really feeling the book or overall theme, nor have I really feeling Owlcrate’s items as of late. This wasn’t a hard decision for me at all, and I already skipped the box as soon as the theme was announced. No FOMO here!

Thanks for reading my ramble! Stay tuned for more fun content!

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