Unboxing: Owlcrate – August 2020 – Written in the Stars

Hello everyone! It is time for me to unbox the Owlcrate box that best fits my aesthetic! I was actually planning on taking my Owlcrate hiatus (mentioned in this post) after the July box, but I couldn’t resist a box with a theme like “Written in the Stars” and I’m glad that I didn’t skip it! The box was full of fun goodies and a truly gorgeous book. Keep reading to see what came inside and what I thought about it!


Star Shaped Bottle with silver push pins

Star Shaped Silver Pen

The Starless Sea inspired Book Sleeve – Designed by Quirky Cup Collective

Aurora Rising inspired Clipboard – Designed by Daphna Sebbane

Strange the Dreamer inspired bandana – Designed by Fern and Ink

Book: Star Daughter by Shveta Thakrar


Owlcrate really knocked it out of the park with this box in my opinion! I know that some people haven’t been thrilled by the inclusion of office items in recent boxes, but with a celestial theme like this, I really can’t complain. Every item was beautiful and I’ll put them all to use.

To address the elephant in the room, yes, I think that the pen is a bit cheap of an item to include. Owlcrate probably bought a bunch in bulk for pennies each and included it, to be completely honest. I wish that it had bundled with the clipboard to make room for one more item, but oh well. I’ll still use it in photos and keep it in my pencil cup, but it’s the weakest item in the box.

Aside from that, the other items were great! The jar of pins looks like it contains tiny stars and will be great in bookstagram photos. The bandana is going to either hang on my wall as a tapestry, or I might sew it into a pillowcase. The clipboard is on the smaller side of things, which is understandable considering the size of the shipping box. Not entirely sure how I’m going to use/repurpose that item yet, but the design is gorgeous and I simply have to display it somehow. If I find a way to remove the “clip” from the “board” I might be able to just use it as a cool plastic art print for my wall.

The booksleeve was one of the big reasons I wanted this box (I’ve loved Quirky Cup Collective and their cool celestial designs for a long while now.) The design is definitely pretty, but it’s printed on a similar fabric to the sleeve in the March Fairyloot box, which makes the design look slightly blurry. It’s also not the most cushy or padded booksleeve I own, so I wonder about how protective it’ll be. Honestly, I was hoping for a more holographic/foiled/shiny design, considering the items that you see on the QCC site. I’ll definitely use it though.

Lastly, our book of the month is absolutely stunning. Star Daughter’s original cover is already beautiful, but the OC edition honestly fits the story a bit better in my opinion with its silver elements which really fit alongside Sheetal’s silver hair. I still want a copy of the original edition as well, but I’m very pleased with this edition and its purple sprayed edges.

All-in-all, I really liked this box! It’s perfect for a girl like myself (my blog is called STARLIGHT-READS after all!) This is the first Owlcrate since November 2019 where I’ve liked all of the items and will be keeping and using everything. Not too bad for my final Owlcrate before my hiatus!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Thank you so much for reading! Did you get this box? What did you think about it? Let me know in the comments!

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