Unboxing: Reel Bookish Box – August 2020 – The Greatest Show on Earth

Hello everyone! Today I’m here with a very exciting unboxing post for my first ever Reel Bookish Box! The Theme was The Greatest Show on Earth and promised a magical book and items inspired by two different films.

If you haven’t heard of Reel Bookish, it’s a book subscription box company that bases the the theme around a newly released YA novel and a movie. All of the items in the box are expertly curated to fit the theme, book, and movie(s). On top of that, the box itself is designed to clearly show the theme of the month, which is totally unique and original.

I want be transparent right from the start and let you know that I am a rep for Reel Bookish Box, but my opinion is not swayed or changed by my affiliation with the box. All opinions are my own and I will always keep it 100% real with you (or in this case… 100% Reel? Haha sorry couldn’t resist!) My rep code is STARLIGHT10 if you want to try the box for yourself after seeing my unboxing!


The Box itself – designed by @NicoleEvaDoodles

Masquerade Mask

Enamel Pin – designed by @NicoleEvaDoodles

Coaster Set – designed by @mirandalmcnulty

Playing Card Deck – designed by @mirandalmcnulty

Animal Crackers

Beaded Wrap Bracelet from Zenzii

Art/Quote Print by@NicoleEvaDoodles

Where Dreams Descend by Janella Angeles


This was my first Reel Bookish Box, and they’ve set the bar quite high for me with this box. Maybe it’s because I love glitzy magical circus-esque things, and maybe it’s also because I really loved The Greatest Showman, but I genuinely enjoyed everything in this box and can see myself putting all of the items to good use.

All of the items felt high quality and not cheap at all. My favorite items are definitely the mask (which will be making an appearance in my bookstagram photos very soon!) and the enamel pin (which is already hanging on my pin banner!) The bracelet is also quite pretty. I can see myself wearing it quite often, especially since blue is my favorite color and the elephant charm is so cute. It can also be worn as a necklace if desired, as its a wrap bracelet.

I’m usually not a big fan of edible items in subscription boxes, but the animal crackers fit the theme perfectly! The spoiler card even gives a fun fact about the history of animal crackers. (I may or may not be snacking on them as I write this review.) Obviously it doesn’t add much value to the box, but I can’t even complain.

I think that the coaster sets are pretty, but my gripe with them is that I wish that they were a bit more cohesive as a set. Most of the other coaster sets I have cohesive designs that brand them as a set, so if I didn’t know the context behind this scene and the song lyrics depicted on the coasters, I probably wouldn’t know that they went together. I also wish that the coaster with the song lyrics had more stars on it to fit with the song! Just my two cents on the matter. The playing cards are designed by the same designer and I think they’re really cute. The faceless art style is quite trendy and helps to keep the focus on the card game at hand while still being stylish. I also like that they came in a plastic case instead of a flimsy box like most cards.

Lastly, we have our book of the month, Where Dreams Descend! I was surprised that we actually got a signed bookplate. It’s just the standard edition of the book, but I’m not complaining; I honestly love this edition a bit more than the Owlcrate edition, which seemed a bit too simplified. I’m planning on having a buddy read with some of the other reps next month.

All-in-all, I really liked this box! Like I said earlier, the quality is definitely there and everything fit the theme perfectly. I really loved the custom designed box, as that’s something that most subscription boxes don’t do, except for special edition boxes. It really helps to set Reel Bookish apart from the others, alongside their unique movie angle. I’d definitely recommend this box, and I can’t wait to see the upcoming September “A Pirate’s Life” box and the mini “To be Famous” box! I’ll definitely unbox them here, and be sure to check out my Instagram for video unboxings and fun photos of the box items.

4.5 star box, as I can definitely see myself using everything in the box, but detracting half a star due to the lower valued animal crackers and the issue I had with the coasters. Still a great box though!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Thank you so much for reading, and thanks again to Reel Bookish for having me as a rep and sending me this box for free. My rep code is STARLIGHT10 and will save you some money on your order!

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