A Quick Update Regarding The FFBC Blog Tours

Hi all! I hope you’ve all been well and safe within these turbulent past few weeks and months. I just wanted to post a quick statement/update regarding a blog tour company that I’ve worked with very often in the past year, The Fantastic Flying Book Club, aka The FFBC.

Within the past month (June) the company has posted, said, and done things that I can’t agree with, including posting controversial opinions, harassing bloggers and doxxing them. (There are posts about it all over Twitter if you’re curious. Just search for The FFBC or variations of the name.)

Because of their actions, I will no longer be supporting or participating in any more of their blog tours or bookstagram tours. I was scheduled to participate in two more, for The Storyteller’s Daughter and The Black Kids. I will still do my part to promote and review these books but I will not be making those posts with any affiliation with The FFBC.

Going forward in the future, I plan on being more active on my blog, even without blog tours! I’ve got some very ambitious bookish ideas in mind for the next few months, one of which is coming very soon!

Also, if you have any recommendations for other blog/bookstagram tour companies that send out physical books, I’ve love to hear them! I already know of Storygram Tours, which I’m currently working with, but I’d to also support tour companies that host blog tours as well!

Thanks for reading! Stay kind!

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