November Wrap Up (AKA, Where Have I Been?)

Hello everyone! If you’re a regular at this blog, you may have noticed that I didn’t post anything during the entire month of November! No reviews, no blog tour posts, no unboxings, nothing! Well, that’s because November was probably my busiest month of the year, and I had to prioritize my schoolwork and mental health over blogging. Sorry if you missed my content! Luckily, I had some time over Thanksgiving break to write up some new content, so be on the lookout for actual posts this month! I’ve got a lot planned!

If you’re curious about what I’ve been up to, here’s the quick run down!

  • I’ve been applying to jobs! I’m a senior in college, so the real world is just around the corner!
  • I’m taking two art classes this semester, so I’ve had countless projects for those! (I’m also putting together a portfolio for all of my art.)
  • I actually participated in a pageant at my school. Yes, I’m talking fancy dresses, talents, questions, all of that. It was actually very fun and I came in second for doing a levi-wand performance!
  • I’m involved in a service fraternity on campus, so I’ve been doing plenty of volunteering trips at places like Feed my Starving Children (packaging special food formulas to help starving children around the world), Bernie’s Book Bank (a company that helps get books into the hands of underprivileged children in Chicago) and other places!

All November, I missed this blog, and now I’m so excited to be back to the book blogging world! Expect to see a lot this month and in the coming months of 2020!

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