Unboxing: Ignite English Box – July 2019 – Lost at Sea

Hello everyone! I’m back with yet another unboxing of the Ignite English Box! The theme this month is Lost At Sea, so get ready for some fun nautical adventures and items. This post also features my first ever Youtube unboxing, so scroll to the end if you want to see that!

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Spoiler Card

Bracelet from Weave Tassy

Bath Bomb

Bookmark from The Court of Dreams

“Tiger’s Blood” Lip Balm and Fish-shaped lip balm holder

Mystery Gift: Nelson Mandela Quote Notebook

Book & Activity Guide: Life of Pi by Yann Martel


I think that this box was quite nice! As soon as the theme and the hint that the book was a Man Booker Prize winner, I was able to guess the book correctly. I really like the items that were included, as they all fit the theme quite nicely.

My favorite item is the lip balm holder! I’m notorious for losing my lip balms (or leaving them in my pocket and accidentally putting them in the washing machine!!!) so hopefully this will help me keep up with them! I already have it attached to my key ring. I haven’t used the lip balm itself yet, but I’m sure it will be great as well.

The bracelet was a fun surprise. It’s very simplistic, but it really grew on me. I love the colors, which make me think of water and sandy beaches. Perfect for professional or casual settings.

I’m a college student with no bathtub, so I didn’t really care much for the bath bomb, but I like how it fits the theme! You could definitely pretend you’re lost at sea while soaking in the tub.

The bookmark was unfortunately my least favorite item in the box. In past months, the Ignite English team has designed their own bookmarks, but this month they went to an outside source. I personally prefer their own ones to this one, which felt a bit chunky due to the laminated cardstock. The print is very fitting for the book though!

I like the mystery gift a lot! I like the quote on the front, and I can totally see myself jotting down notes. My main complaint is that the pages aren’t lined, but that’s totally just a personal preference.

All in all, I liked this box, but in comparison to the other boxes I’ve gotten from Ignite English, it wasn’t my favorite. The May box blew me away and totally raised the bar for this, and I feel that this month they didn’t quite reach it. Not to say that this box is bad, because I did like it, but it felt a bit lackluster to me in a few ways and like it wasn’t quite worth the cost. I’ll give this box a 3.5, rounding up to a 4. Still, I totally support this brand and what it stands for, and would recommend that you do the same. Take my review with a grain of (sea) salt and try the next one for yourself.

Youtube Unboxing

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