My 5 Favorite Bookish Items

Hello again, everyone! Today, I thought I’d jump on here to share 5 of my favorite bookish items! I tried to make sure everything wasn’t based around The Cruel Prince! (But maybe I’ll write a list for that closer to the release of Queen of Nothing…)

Anyway, let’s get into it!

1. The Cruel Prince Inspired Book Tin


This tin is actually the box that led me to Owlcrate in the first place back in August! The first one that I got was actually misprinted, but they quickly sent out a replacement, so now I have two! It’s so beautiful and whimsical, featuring 3 different quotes from the book. It was designed by Stella Bookish Art.

2. Throne of Glass inspired “Rattle the Stars” Tapestry


This tapestry has been up on my wall since the day I got it. Even though I’m not a big TOG fan, I love the mix of stars and flowers on it, and also the fact that it’s round! It’s kind of awkward to hang, but I made it work with a lot of command hooks and safety pins! It came in the November Bookish Box. (Sorry about the bad photo! It was hard to get a picture of it! It’s also a bit puckered on one side from my bad hanging job!)

3. The Cruel Prince Inspired Tea Cup


This teacup was one (along with the dust jackets and plushie) of the deciding factors in getting the Faecrate Wicked King Hangover Recovery Box. When I got it, I was not disappointed in the slightest; the delicate design was perfect, and the box contained other tea-related items that helped me put it to use right away! I alternate between using it as actual drink ware and using it as a bookstagram prop.

4. Enamel Pins and Pin Board


I currently have a very small collection of enamel pins, but I hope that my collection will grow soon! I keep them on a Throne of Glass inspired pin board! Here, you can see my Cruel Prince preorder pins, some pins that came in subscription boxes, and two other bookish pins! Once my pin board fills up, I have a pin flag from Owlcrate that I’ll use to display them!

5. Custom Starlight-Reads Candle!


I’m a rep for Wonderdame Bookmarks, and Sara, the owner, was sweet enough to make CUSTOM candles for the reps! (She offers the service for anyone via her website.) She worked with me on a scent and color, and then totally surprised me with the purple and gold star label! It’s honestly my dream candle. My rep code STARLIGHT10 will save you a bit of money on your order.

Thanks for reading! In the comments, let me know what your favorite bookish item is!

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