New Theme + Fun Updates

Hello everyone! You might have noticed that I changed up my blog’s theme today! I made it a bit darker, but made sure to keep my fun galaxy theme (because what would Starlight-Reads be without some stars?)

I’m still getting used to the new theme, so bear with me and my next few posts as I get used to the new layout. Things shouldn’t be too different though, but if any of my older posts look weird, that’s why.


You may have noticed that my blog posts have been… sporadic to say the least. I’m a busy college student, and I’ve barely had time to balance reading and schoolwork. I should have a review of An Enchantment of Ravens coming soon though! Also, once finals are done in two weeks, you can expect a bunch of blog posts, including ones about…

My Internship at Sourcebooks!!! Starting in late May, I’ll be working as an intern at Sourcebooks Publishing. I want to document my experience, and what better place than here for a bunch of book lovers? I’m super excited for this internship, as Sourcebooks is where I want to work after graduation.

Another update is that my rep terms for Spearcraft Book Box and Ingite English are coming to a close. I’m definitely going to reapply for both boxes though, as they were both so unique and the owners are amazing! I’m also going to be applying for some other rep positions, so if you follow me on Instagram, wish me luck!

I think that’s all I have to update you on for now! Check back soon for more regular and exciting content!

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