Bookish Playlists: Give the Dark My Love by Beth Revis

Hello everyone! Today, I wanted to share my first Bookish playlist! These are going to be playlists full of songs that I associate with a certain book or series. Like all things, my playlists are going to be totally subjective, but I hope you enjoy the music and my reasoning for each song. I know that this isn’t an original idea, as a lot of book subscription boxes and even authors create playlists for their books, but I wanted to try my hand at it!

My first Bookish Playlist is for Give the Dark my Love by Beth Revis, which I reviewed last year. I hope you enjoy it!

NFWMB – Hozier

For me, this song just screamed Give the Dark my Love. The dark, moody atmosphere it brings reminds me of how grim GTDML can be. The lyrics sound like they’re being sung from Grey to Nedra as he realizes just how dangerous and powerful his girlfriend is. Hozier himself has described the song as “a love song for the end of the world” which I think is pretty fitting considering the events of the novel.

The Ghost of You – My Chemical Romance

This MCR song is pretty heartbreaking, all about the grief and pain of losing a loved one and never seeing them again. Nedra loses a lot of people and deals with a lot of grief throughout the book, so I thought this was fitting. I chose to include a specific version of the song, as the slower version spoke to me more.

A Dark Congregation – The Hush Sound

In GTDML, Nedra definitely uses her necromancy skills to build up a “Dark Congregation” of sorts. The lyrics “You’re gone/ sleeping in the dust/ we will not let time erase us” really seemed to fit in with the book as she gathers up her group of the dead.

Impossible Year – Panic! at the Disco

Okay, who can deny that all of Lunar Island is having a pretty impossible year? There’s an awful plague, dangerous necromancy, and political drama going down all at once! This sad song by Panic! definitely fits the bill for GTDML.

Hello is a song that fits in perfectly after one of my major tragedies in the novel. The song was written for the singer’s sister who passed away, and the grief and sadness can be felt strongly in the tone of the song.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think of book playlists, and if you’ve ever made one?

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