Unboxing: Spearcraft Book Box – February 2019 – To The Sky

Hello everyone! It’s time for another exciting unboxing! This time it’s for the February box from Spearcraft Book Box. The theme was To The Sky, and promised space/sky themed fandoms! I was really excited to get it since I obviously love space!

There were fewer items in this box than last month, but everything is really high quality, which hopefully makes up for that.  Without further ado, let’s get into the unboxing!


Spoiler Card: The first thing in the box was the spoiler card! As usual, it was gorgeous, and I plan on hanging it up on my wall. On the back is a list of everything included.


Candle: I absolutely love candles! This one is inspired by Winter of the Lunar Chronicles! I can’t exactly place the scent, but it reminds me of some delicious, sweet candy. It’s topped with gorgeous white glitter that makes it look like snow!


Socks: Fun socks are such a treat for me, and these are no exception! They feature stars and astronauts, and I think they’re absolutely adorable! They’re also very soft and I can’t wait to wear them around!


Solid Perfume: I’ve only had one solid perfume before, but this one is amazing! It’s called “Rose of the Galaxy” and has notes of black currant leaf, Bulgarian rose, and sugared violets. The rose stuck out to me first, but then again, I love roses! It’s a really nice scent and it’s easy to apply to your skin. A little will go a long way!


Button: I actually just started reading Defy the Stars, so this button is perfect! It’s simple, but pretty! I’ll put these on my pinboard along with my other buttons and enamel pins.


Magnet: Next up is a magnet! This one has a gorgeous galaxy design in the background with a quote from Illuminae! It’s so pretty, and is going next to my Strange the Dreamer magnet from last month!


Bookmark: I love this bookmark, since it really shows off the two sides of me. One side has stars and a galaxy related quote, while the other had a bookshelf and bookish quote! If you ask me, one side is perfect for “Starlight,” and the other for “Reads!” (Get it? Get it?)


Art Print: Last up before the book is this art print! It’s of Cloud City from Star Wars! It’s really pretty, and will look great on my wall of prints. My only complaint is that one side looked a little higher quality than the other, resolution-wise, but I still like them!


Book: Lastly, we have the book of the month, which is The Cerulean by Amy Ewing! The cover is so pretty, and this book has been on my TBR for a while. As usual, it comes with an author letter and signed bookplate!

I loved this box!  The theme for the March box is Swords, Wizards, and Revolutions! If you want to get your hands on your own box, feel free to use my code STARLIGHT10 to save a bit of money on your order! My code also works on the past item mystery boxes!

Thanks for reading!

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