Top 5 Wednesday: Nostalgic Ships

Hello again everyone! I’m here with another Top 5 Wednesday Post! Today’s theme is Nostalgic Ships. While I wasn’t really into shipping people together when I was younger, I still had my OTPs! Here are my top 5 nostalgic ships.

1. Across the Universe – Beth Revis


Here it is, baby’s first ship! While Across the Universe didn’t really have a love triangle, I definitely shipped Amy and Elder together throughout the entire series. Such an adorable couple.

2. Twilight – Stephanie Meyer


I confess: I was part of Team Edward. As a young teen, I was definitely more into vampires than werewolves, and I still am. It’s only natural that I fell for our favorite vegetarian vampire and shipped him with Bella!

3. The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins


I was team Peeta all the way. I honestly could never see Gale as a love interest for Katniss. Perhaps it’s because we didn’t get too much of Gale in the first book, or maybe it’s because even though their relationship began in the most awful and forced of ways, I could see how gentle Peeta and fiery Katniss could balance one another out. It just seemed right to me.

4. Harry Potter – J.K. Rowling


Here’s the ship that never sailed. I was one of those people that wanted to see Harry and Hermione end up together. I didn’t really care about Ginny at all and didn’t really see their relationship coming. I mean, it works out, I suppose, but I wasn’t thrilled.

5. Wicked Lovely – Melissa Marr


Wicked Lovely was one of the first faerie books I ever read, and it was also one of the first books where I was torn as to who I wanted to end up with Aislinn. I eventually settled for edgy boy Seth. To be honest, I think I was too young to really form a good opinion on our love triangle the first time I read it, so I think I’ll need to read it again, especially now that I own the full series!

Thanks for reading! You can see my other Top 5 Wednesday Posts here!

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  1. I never liked Ginny, either, mostly because I never really thought she had much of a personality. I’m mixed on their relationship because she isn’t that interesting by herself, but marrying her allowed Harry to be a legitimate part of the Weasley family, which I’m sure is what he wanted above all else.


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