Unboxing: Ignite English Box – January 2019 – American Dreams

Hello everyone! Today, I wanted to jump on here with an unboxing of Ignite English’s January box! I recently became a box rep for this brand, and I was really excited to get it! The

The English Box is a bi-monthly subscription box focuses on literacy and English skills. Each box comes with fun bookish goodies, a book, and a reading guide created by actual English teachers. Everyone from teachers, students, literature enthusiasts, and book lovers alike can enjoy this unique box!

This month’s theme was “American Dreams.” Let’s get into the unboxing!

20190129_003510_HDR.jpgBath Salts: These bath salts are from Soak and Unwind! It’s called “Dreaming of a Farm” and is a really pretty blue color! I don’t have access to a bathtub while on campus, but in the meantime, they smell really nice! I wish I were better at identifying scents, but I guess that these smell a bit like like citrus? I’m not sure, but just know that they smell great!!!


Hand Sanitizer: I was initially quite apprehensive about this hand sanitizer, which is also from Soak and Unwind. Most scented hand sanitizer gives me  headache, but this one is really subtle and doesn’t bother me at all! Again, I’m not sure how to describe the scent, but it’s pleasant and not overwhelming.


Mouse Book Clip: Okay, this is my favorite item from this box! I simply cannot get over how adorable this little mouse clip is. It’s a little felt mouse on top of a paperclip, so it can peek out from the top of your book! It’s so cute and I wish I had more bookmarks like this, because this is precious!!!


Buttons: The last item before we get to the book is this button set. They’re themed around Of Mice and Men, with one button having the initials of the book, and the other saying “Tell me about the rabbits George” This leads perfectly into the book of the month!


Book:The book this month is Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. I’ve never actually read Of Mice and Men, so I’m excited to get this! I normally don’t reach for classic books unless I’m reading them for class or if I already have them on my shelf, so here’s my motivation! I also love that there’s an activity guide and chapter cheat sheet for this book (see them below) so that I can really get into the book, as though I were in class!


Activity Guide and Chapter Cheat Sheet: One thing that’s unique to the Ignite English Box is the activity guide. I don’t want to show the inside of it, but it contains discussion questions, themes, character charts, and more, to help with your comprehension of the book. It’s really helpful, and I think anyone could enjoy this. There’s also a chapter cheat sheet, which can help you if you get stuck while reading!

20190129_003322_HDR.jpg Art Print/Spoiler Card: Lastly, here’s the art print, with the spoiler card on the back. The art print works quite well for the book, and I’ll be adding this to my collection of art prints (someday, which I have enough space, they’ll all be hanging on my wall!) I’ve also included the spoiler card.


In conclusion, I’m really pleased with how this box turned out! I love that everything was cohesively themed around the book itself, rather than various fandoms. I can’t wait to see what their March theme will be, since they really knocked it out of the park with this one. If you’re interested in getting your own box (either this one or their previous Banned Book Box) check out their shop! You can get boxes and other fun items there. Also, be sure to use my code STARLIGHT10 to save on your order.

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