My Most Anticipated Read of the Year: Bid My Soul Farewell by Beth Revis

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed me fangirling on my stories over the newly revealed cover and title for the sequel to Give the Dark my Love by Beth Revis. The first in a duology, Give the Dark my Love was a deliciously dark novel that delivered a perfect blend of grief, morality, and a dash of romance. You can read my full review here, but just know that Give the Dark my Love was my favorite read of 2018, and this sequel, Bid My Soul Farewell will probably be my favorite of 2019. Let’s get into what we know so far!

The Cover:

37789836Bid My Soul Farewell by Beth Revis

First, check out the gorgeous cover! I really like it alongside the cover to GTDML. While they feature different colors and look a bit different, they both maintain that ominous and dangerous vibe with their cool toned colors and similar elements. Also, I’m sure we all agree that Nedra looks quite badasss on the cover of Bid My Soul Farewell. I wish that they had made her hair white, as per the ending of the last book, but I do love the way that she looks on here anyway, as it matches the Nedra on the other cover.

The Synopsis:

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