My Bookish Year In Review – 2018

My-oh-my, what a year it’s been for me. There have been plenty of ups and a fair share of downs in 2018, and I can honestly say that this was probably one of my worst years. I’m not here to dwell on negativity though. 2018 marks the year that I really found myself in the book community. Before, I was a book blogger and a definite book lover, but this year definitely deepened my love for all things bookish. Let’s dive into my year in review!

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Surprisingly, my year did not start off bookish at all! It’s not like I wasn’t reading at all, but I was busy with the second semester of my sophomore year, my on campus job, and my new relationship. That semester was sort of a blur for me, devoid of any notable reads or blog posts. I completely missed out of some fantastic 2018 releases like The Cruel Prince!  Luckily, my dry spell of not reading much came to an end during the summer months!


June is when I found my way back to my blog. I left my site on Blogger and returned to Tumblr, where I posted a few reviews and book buying guides. Nothing too fancy, but it marked my return to the book community that started it all for me. However, I felt a bit out of place on Tumblr. For some reason, the microblogging platform and overall layout didn’t feel as appealing to me at 20 as it did when I first started up at 17. That’s something I struggled with for all of June and July, but we’ll get to that later.

June also marks the beginning of my Bookstagram journey. My first and only post of June was a pretty badly edited and very blurry picture of some blue books with a cringe-worthy caption, but hey, we all have to start somewhere! Things got a lot better in July!


July saw my return to Netgalley. Oh, how my little bookish-heart had missed getting e-arcs! Some of my favorites were Nyxia and Nyxia Unleashed by Scott Reintgen. I fell in love with Instagram poetry (Think Courtney Peppernell or Rupi Kaur) and got my first free books from a publisher! My Bookstagram style was all over the place, but I toward the end of the month, there’s a bit more consistency with sparkles, bright colors, and lights. Everything’s changed a bit, but I can definitely still see my current style in those photos.


Oh August! August is when I finally bought the URL to my site, officially branding myself as Starlight-Reads!  I switched to WordPress, which has a layout that I love. On my Bookstagram, I finally found my style! After acquiring a few flowers and props from a dollar store, I fell into my bright, floral photo style, which has been consistent ever since!

Also, August marks the month when I got my first book subscription box! I picked up the August Owlcrate after seeing unboxings on Instagram and Facebook. Every item in it was amazing, and almost all of the items have shown up in my Bookstagram posts! It was a great introduction to the world of book subscription boxes, and nothing’s really lived up to it since! I went back to college in late August.


September wasn’t too remarkable, book-wise. I held my first Bookstagram giveaway, which was fun. I was busy balancing college life and a new job at my school’s library. Toward the end of the month, I ended up encountering a pretty serious medical emergency and had to go home for a little while to recover, which was no fun! My favorite book of 2018 came out, but due to my emergency, I didn’t get to get my hands on it until October, but I did try my first Beacon Book Box which tided me over!


October was basically me dealing with the aftermath of what happened at the end of September. Recovering from that took a while, and coupled with some events in my personal life, I was a wreck! It took basically all of October for me to get myself together, but I’ll admit that I grew a lot as a person as a result of everything that happened. Also, Give the Dark my Love by Beth Revis came out, which was AMAZING. That book actually influenced my Halloween costume! Lastly tried my first Fairyloot box, and I was blown away with all of the stuff inside!


I got two book boxes in November, which was very exciting! Beacon Book box and The Bookish Box both had the same book, so I figured I’d splurge and get the items from both and the book from the Bookish Box! I ended up with some amazing items and a book I really need to write a review for!

My Bookstagram continued to grow, and I was selected as a rep for two amazing companies, Fella & Bella and Wonderdame Bookmarks and Goodies! I also notice that my posts are a lot more consistent, which is probably due to the fact that I set up a photoshoot area in my dorm room!


Ahh, December, the end of the year. I was busy with finals and finally reading The Cruel Prince (which was amazing, btw!) I also ended up getting busy with looking for a publishing internship, Christmas shopping, and just general end-of-the-year stuff! At the very end of the month I started getting active on my blog again, which is something that I hope to keep up during 2019!

Lastly, via my Bookstagram, I was selected to be a Winter rep for Ignite English and as a March rep for Zauberhaft by Jacky! Both of these are quite exciting and I can’t wait to share their products with you in 2019.

That was my 2018! While it wasn’t as bookish as I would have hoped, it was a pretty good bookish year for what it was, and for everything I had going on. I’m hoping for smooth sailing in 2019, full of books and bookish things! 2018 and my journey through book blogging and bookstagram have really helped to mold me into a more mature person, and I can’t wait to see where I’ll be this time next year. Until then!

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