Unboxing: The Bookish Box – November 2018 – Story in the Stars

There are soooo many subscription boxes out there! It seems like every month I’m discovering a new one that I have to order from! This month, I decided to limit myself, opting only for The Bookish Box and the goodies only option from Beacon Book Box! The reasoning for this was because I figured that they had the same book, but I still wanted the items from both boxes. It worked out perfectly!

Unfortunately for The Bookish Box, they ran into some issues which delayed shipping, and also led to the items being sent in plain packaging rather than a fun box. Nevertheless, the items this month did not disappoint, and I’m so excited to show them off to you. Let’s dive in!


Sticker: This sticker has a quote from Illuminae on it! I really love the colors on it, and I plan on putting it on my laptop as soon as I get a case for it. It’s such a lovely, romantic quote. I’ve yet to read Illuminae (I know, right?) but this really makes me want to get to that big, intimidating orange book!



Necklace: I am so in love with this necklace! (I’m actually wearing it as I write this!) It’s very simplistic, just three gold stars on a gold chain, but I think it’s very cute, and goes great with most clothing. As someone who gets anxious and fidgets with things a lot, this is actually a really great thing to have, since the stars move independently of one another for fidgeting. The thought behind it, that the stars are for 3 wishes, is also very comforting.

20181204_112147_HDR.jpgLip Balm: I usually don’t care for bookish lip balms, since I’m a bit particular about what I put on my lips, but I must say that this is very cute. This, like the sticker, is inspired by Illuminae. The design and the name of it are so cute. I actually like the smell of it, so I actually might try this one out!



 Calendar Card: I’m new to the Bookish Box, but from what I can tell, they’ve given a cute calendar for the next month in every box this year. The artwork corresponds with the next month’s theme, so this one matches up with the Quartz and Castles theme. It’s quite cute, and I’ll display it on my desk until the year is up!

20181204_113717_HDR.jpgThrow: The moment that this item was teased as a spoiler on their Instagram, I just had to take the plunge and subscribe. I knew that this design would be “a very large textile, perfect for the colder months.” It’s really interesting, actually. I was expecting more of a blanket type thing, but instead it’s thin like a tapestry. Because of this, it can actually be hung up like a tapestry on a wall, or used as a lightweight blanket. I might actually sew a warm fleece fabric to the back of it to make a heavier blanket, but who knows! I love the design. The quote is from the Throne of Glass series, and really fits in with the starry theme of the box. So pretty! This is definitely my favorite item of this box!


Book: I opted to get the YA book with my subscription, which means that I got This Splintered Silence by Kayla Olson. I’ve been super excited to get my hands on this book, especially when I found out that it was the book I missed out on in the November Beacon Book Box. I’m always down for a good YA scifi full of mystery and twists and turns, so I’m so excited to read this one. It really goes with the theme of this box, since it’s set in space!

That’s all for my unboxing! I really loved the contents of this box, especially the throw! I’m not going to get the December box, since I think that I’m getting that book in a different box, but I’m really excited to see where they go in the future, and I’d love to get another box from them someday! I’ll leave you with a full unboxing picture!


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