Review: Loading Penguin Hugs by Jacqueline Chen


Date Started: 11/6/18

Date Finished: 11/6/18

Publication Date: 11/13/18

Genre: Comics

Rating: 4/5



If you’ve spend any time on the internet, chances are you’ve come across this cute little comic:


Well, if you like cute, inspirational comics like this, there are plenty more in this book from the same artist, Jacqueline Chen. They’re all inspirational, positive, and heartwarming, perfect for when you’ve had a rough day or just need something feel-good in your life.

As I was reading through this collection of images and comics, I found myself constantly bookmarking some pages, because a lot of these are relevant to either myself or to close friends. They’re perfect for showing to others.

The one thing you should consider while reading this is that this isn’t the sort of book you should read through all at once. Things can feel a bit repetitive or in-genuine if you do. Just take it in small sections, maybe just a page or so at a time. I’m taking away one star for this. As much as I love the comics and graphics in the book, they stand better on their own rather than as a cohesive collection. In some ways, they might be better on a website rather than a book.

Nevertheless, this is still quite the wholesome read, and I highly recommend it for anyone who loves cute gift books full of heartwarming, encouraging comics! You can pick up your own copy next week on 11/13!


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