Welcome to the New Starlight-Reads!

Hello! Welcome to the new Starlight-Reads… again.

I started my blog on Tumblr back in 2015, and it’s definitely been on a journey since then. I went from Tumblr to Blogger, and then both at the same time, and then back to Tumblr… and now it’s WordPress.

Mainly, I needed a change. Tumblr’s layout, format, and overall site, while fun and appealing for certain types of blogging, no longer appealed to me for my book blog. I wanted something cleaner, crisper, and dedicated solely to the bookish content I’m trying to produce. I considered going back to Blogger, but I didn’t exactly like the interface.

That’s when I finally turned to WordPress. It offered me an official domain name, which I’ve wanted to get basically since I started this blog three years ago, as well as gorgeous layouts that I spent all day playing around with. Satisfied, I finally decided to take the plunge and move THREE YEARS worth of content to this blog. I backlogged every review and post from my old blogs onto this one last night. I still need to fix all of the links, as they all point to the old blog, but I’m so pleased to finally have everything in one place.

I feel like I’ve made posts like this a million times over the history of my blog. I’ve changed platforms, taken hiatuses, and made social media pages, but this time, I’m going to stick with it. This summer has helped me revive my passion for reading and reviewing books, something I haven’t felt this viciously since the summer when I started my blog. (The fact that I’ve got some money invested in this doesn’t hurt either!)

I’m so excited to start this new journey on a new platform, and I hope you’ll enjoy it too!

(Also, feel free to follow me on Instagram @starlight.reads for bookish photos!)

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