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Synopsis:  Following the smash success of her best-selling book, Pillow Thoughts, Courtney Peppernell now returns with the follow-up sequel Pillow Thoughts II: Healing the Heart.

Peppernell understands that healing is a process, and Pillow Thoughts II eloquently captures the time and experience that one goes through on their journey to peace through restoration.

A collection of inspirational and comforting poems for anyone who is mending from a broken heart.

My Thoughts So Far: I was so excited to get a copy of Pillow Thoughts II on Netgalley! While I haven’t read the first Pillow Thoughts, a friend of mine has read it. Also, I’m a sucker for jellyfish, so I literally had no choice but to read it.

I’m usually not a big fan of poetry, but this month, I’m challenging myself to branch out and explore a new literary genre. I’m starting out gently. Pillow Thoughts II has definitely the type of poetry I needed. Many of the poems are short but meaningful. While I could have easily breezed through all of the poems, I’m taking the time to savor each of the poems. I’ll have a review soon, and maybe even some quotes to share before the release date.

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