My Favorite Book Cover Trends

They say to never judge a book by it’s cover, but a visually appealing book cover usually has some sort of affect on the books we read. There are certain trends in the creation of book covers that sometimes tell you what type of book you’ll be getting. A book cover for an woman’s romance will look very different than a young adult paranormal novel. I decided to examine what I personally love in a book cover, and to share it with you all.

4. Eyes. Staring, Unblinking Eyes.

If you browse the free ebooks of Amazon or the the user created covers of Wattpad or Figment, you’re guaranteed to find a good number of eyes on the cover. As common as they are, I can’t shake my love of these covers. They’re overdone and almost stereotypical. (I bet that if a cover has an eye on it, some character has specially colored eyes. Oooooh.) Still, I’ve had my share of putting google-imaged searched eyes on my short stories and posting them online. *Cringes* I can’t discredit that a staring eye does draw me in a little bit, before immediately unsettling me.

3. The (White) Girl in a Pretty Dress

No one can deny that these are some gorgeous and attention grabbing covers. Featuring pretty (white) girls and envy-inducing ball gowns, these novels appeal to the female young adult audience. The issue that people often have with the “Pretty Dress” trend is that the pretty dresses often have nothing to do with the novel’s actual content (though novels like those of the Luxe series and Wither do feature dressy ball gowns. I think that the reason why I love this common and at times over-done cover trope is because it’s just nice to look at the pretty dresses and feel just a little more royal than usual. This trend, like most covers, does suffer from not having many POC on the covers, but that’s partially the fault of the actual text as well.

2. Symbolic Objects

There’s nothing like a simple, relatively basic book cover featuring a symbolic image of something from the novel. Whether it be Katniss’s Mockingjay pin in THG or the actual circus in The Night Circus, these covers often feature a dramatic element of the novel’s plot without giving anything away. I like the subtle nature of this trend, and that subtle, yet still important nature will lead us to the last trend:

1. Graphic, Contemporary Novels

This is my favorite YA Book Cover trend is definitely the trend that I often see with YA contemporary novels. Though the covers can range from bold and colorful to subtle and subdued, most books of this trend are still inviting and interesting to look at. Think of The Fault in Our Stars, or The Sun is Also a Star. These novels are perfect for reading on the train or in public, as the cover is so plain…ly bold. The cover itself doesn’t say as much about the book as other trends and tropes do. Trust me, I could go on all day about why I love these covers so much, and I have plenty more examples that I might share in the future.

That’s it for today, Starlight-Readers. What’s your favorite book cover trend? What’s your all time favorite book cover?

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