Review: Savior by A. King Bradley



Once bullied to the brink of suicide, 16 year-old Adam Reaper discovers extraordinary powers within himself. As the ungovernable changes within unleash a burning hatred for all who once wronged him, Adam is faced with choosing between using his gifts to save the world from impending doom or to take vengeance against his enemies.

For a time, Monica, the love of Adam’s life, is able to keep the newfound darkness in his heart at bay, but tragedy strikes when Adam’s older brother, PJ, is murdered after insidious forces give rise to a formidable domestic terror cell known as The Strangers.

As he pursues his brother’s killers, Adam and his friends, Howie and Ace, find themselves thrust into an unthinkable conflict that could ultimately lead to the destruction of the world. As Adam storms farther away from Monica and deeper down the dark path of revenge, the edges of his own darkness begin to fade once again.

Daring, complex, and unforgettable, this unique take on the Hero’s Journey delivers a perfect blend of captivating action and suspense.

Date Finished: 8-12-15


I’ll admit that when I first saw Amazon on the Ebooks section of noise trade, I initially thought that it was a graphic novel of some sort, going by it’s cover, but I was pleasantly surprised to find text on the inside. I feel that this was done best in the text/narrative form, as opposed to a graphic novel, which would have been split up into volumes. This was a good stylistic choice, and differentiates it from the more traditional super hero stories, most of which are told in comic form.

I’ll just jump in with my thoughts about this. In Savior, you get all of characteristics of a good super hero novel. We’ve got the driving motivational force, a love interest who plays a role in the plot, character flaws, a group of villains, and so much more! There are twists and turns all throughout the novel, and you’ll find yourself doubting characters and guessing at who’s who all throughout. You’ve got a perfect blend of emotion, action, and just a sprinkle of romance to keep the narrative sweet. One interesting feature is that while the narrative is told mostly through Adam/Reaper’s POV, it occasionally changes to other characters, sometimes even that of one of our villains, which can lead you to have different thoughts throughout the novel on motivations.

I also appreciated that there were actually music links in the book, which led to youtube songs made for this novel. While they aren’t necessary for the enjoyment of Savior, it is a fun little twist that we don’t get in most novels. For some people, these select songs might help to character some scenes better.

In the end, I would recommend Savior for fans of superhero comic books, and I’m so excited for the sequel! You can find Savior for free here on Amazon!


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