Review: Wicked Fate by Shannon L. Maynard



How can Ava Starr’s dream come true be Dax Miller’s worst nightmare?

Ava’s mother always told her to be careful what she wished for. From the moment Ava woke up on Lamarai Island, she wanted nothing more than to find Preston. But now that she has, her heart is caught in a fierce game of tug-of-war. In a place where danger lurks around every tree, she must quickly figure out who she can trust, and who is out to destroy her dream of a happy ever after. 

Dax’s plan to capture Ava’s heart was all falling into place. That is, until Ava’s past showed up on the island in the form of a tall, dark, and handsome pilot named Preston, leaving Dax to wonder if he’s inherited Ava’s wicked luck. Preston is determined to pick up his relationship with Ava where they left off before a plane crash separated them, but Dax will stop at nothing to fight for the girl of his dreams and discover the truth behind the mysterious pilot.

But Dax isn’t the only one troubled by the surprise appearance of Preston and his flight crew. The new visitors to the island have caused Dax’s stepsister, Roxy, to develop a bad case of sibling rivalry, as well as managed to attract the unwanted attention of a vicious tribe of cannibals. Now Dax must figure out a way to keep his new tribe of misfits safe, while Ava is left to make the most important decision of her life. Will they succeed, or will fate decide for them?

Wicked Fate is the heart-pounding sequel to Wicked Luck, a new adult adventure romance series.

Date Finished: 8-3-15

Thoughts, and would I recommend?

*I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.*

Oh. My. Gosh. This is the sequel to Wicked Luck, which I reviewed a few days ago. Click here to read my review of Wicked Luck. Wicked Luck ends in a dramatic cliffhanger, and Wicked Fate picks up right in the middle of the action.

There’s so much to talk about, so I’ll start with what I loved about this book. I loved the romance of it all. In Wicked Luck, in terms of vying for Ava’s affection, it was Dax against Ava’s memory of Preston. Now, it’s Dax against Preston, head on. It’s this love triangle that makes up most of the conflict of the novel, as both guys love her, and it’s up to Ava to choose who she wants to be with. There are amazing scenes with both guys taking her on island dates, and, as the co-pilot Kirk keeps mentioning, reminds me of The Bachelorette, where all that’s missing is a rose to give to the chosen guy. To be honest, as the truth comes to light, it might even be hard to choose a guy to side with. (Team Dax? Team Preston? It’s a hard choice!!!) Once again, the narrative is spot on, and you can clearly imagine the events of the novel in your head as if you were there. There’s also more drama with the tribes, which is exactly what I had been hoping for. We get a backstory on how they came to live on the island, and their beliefs come to light and spark the climax of the novel.

Now, when it comes to things I didn’t like, it was mainly a few characterization issues and continuity problems, the latter of which may be fixed in the editing process before the release. In terms of continuity, there was a scene in which Dax asked Ava what she loved about Preston and about past dates they went on, all of which were things that Dax should have known from Ava’s diary. Maybe he just wanted to hear it from her mouth, which would make sense in the context of the scene. When it comes to characterization, I wish we could have gotten to know Anna more. In both books, she’s just a side character who doesn’t say much, and somehow comes to have an important, but still minor role in the grand scheme of things. Also, Roxy, Ava’s sister, could have been fleshed out more. We get to see that she’s bitter and angry that she’s lost everything while Ava seems to have everything better, leading to a huge case of sibling rivalry between the two, but we don’t really get to see much of her after her dramatic exit, and by then it’s too late to get into her head much. Bummer.

That being said, Wicked Fate comes out later this month, on August 25th, and you can preorder it on Amazon! Also, at the time of posting, Wicked Luck is free on amazon, so if I were you I’d make my way over to Amazon right now and snatch up your free kindle copy. I highly recommend this series, and now I’m desperately hoping for another book, because, as I said earlier, this ends in a cliffhanger, and I’m still on edge after reading that ending! As stated in my review of Wicked Luck, this is a book that anyone could love. There’s a love triangle, plenty of action, tragedy, and plenty of revelations throughout the entire book. While the first book may have been lacking in excitement and conflict, this book is full of it. If you want to read a unique romance, Wicked Luck and Wicked Fate are the books for you.


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