Finding Time To Read

Life can get quite hectic at times, and it can be especially difficult to find time to sit back and read. Luckily, I have a few tips on how you can still find time to read a few pages of that novel that’s been on your TBR list for ages!

1. Read during your breaks

If your schedule is busy due to school or work, you might be able to tackle a few pages of the novel at hand during a break. While I was in Driver’s Ed Summer School last month, I had a 45 minute break between my behind the wheel class and the actual classroom part. I took advantage of this break to sit in the quiet lobby and read. Even if you have a shorter break, try to read then, especially if you have a stressful task ahead. Reading can help to calm you down before you tackle the task at hand.

2. Wake up early or stay up late to read

I’m a big fan of this strategy. Now that I’m out of summer school, I’ve been keeping strange hours, staying up past midnight to read and write. Now, it might not be the best choice, because it totally throws off your internal clock and makes waking up early a pain, but it works for some people. If you’re the opposite of me and are an early riser, then go for it! Whenever I wake up early before the rest of my family, I tend to just lay in bed and read, before starting the day. it’s an excellent way to prime yourself for the day. 🙂

3. Dedicate a time for reading with food!

During the school year, I’m usually bogged down with homework and projects, but I still manage to find time to read. What I would do is come home from school, make myself a quick snack, and then eat it while reading. It allowed me a brief time (usually a half hour at most) to unwind from the school day, readjust to my home life, and read a book, all while appeasing my hunger. By eating a quick and (hopefully) nutritious snack, you’re not only making a time for reading, but you’re getting your snack out of the way so you don’t have to break up your work later to eat.

Well, that’s all for now, folks! I have more tips where that came from, so let me know and I’ll be sure to make another post on this.

Happy reading, Starlight-Reader!

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