Burnt Out on Books?

I think it happens to the best of us. One second, we’re reading every book in a particular genre… and the next second, you simply can’t. This is exactly what happened to me and Dystopian Books. For the longest time, I claimed Dystopia to be my favorite genre. I lived, breathed, and most importantly, read Dystopia novels, and I was constantly searching goodreads for my next read. I read everything from The Water Wars to Starters to The Hunger Games, and I loved them all. But recently, I picked up a few new books for my kindle to read during my downtime…. and I simply couldn’t get into ANY of them. So I figured, the authors must all suck at writing, and I just need to get a different, better book.


Turns out, I just burned myself out on Dystopian Novels. I read so many in such a short period of time (mainly my freshman and sophomore years in high school) that I couldn’t even enjoy new, promising novels, which is a total bummer when you’ve spent years obsession over Dystopian novels, even to the point of writing one during Nanowrimo 2013.

If my tale sounds like yours, don’t fret, Starlight-Reader! I have some tips that might just help you get over your book-burnout!

1. Try out a new genre – One of the best tips I can give is to simply try something different. If you’re burnt out on a particular genre (or theme, or plot point) try something completely new and different. After my burnout, I found myself drawn to contemporary fiction and even some paranormal novels. Try to move in the complete polar opposite direction of your old favorite genre. If you liked Dystopia, Paranormal or Scifi, try moving to realistic, contemporary novels, and vice versa. Poetry readers could try traditional prose novels, and prose readers could test the waters of creative poetry fiction, such as the Crank series and other books by Ellen Hopkins.

2. Give it Time – Don’t try to force yourself into something you don’t want to do. Maybe you could pick up a hobby in the meantime, like writing, painting, or playing an instrument. Soon enough, your book burnout will be over and you’ll go crawling back to your bookshelf of old favorites.

3. Swap Books – This is related to #1, but if you can’t get over your burnout soon enough, it might be the perfect time to swap books with a friend (bonus points if your friend is also burn-out!) The two of you could bond over books that you’ve already read and loved, and nothing’s better than the feeling of getting a friend to read one of your favorites! Who knows, with the two of you gushing over book characters and plot twists, you might just break yourself out on your own!

Well, there you have it, Starlight-Readers! I hope that you guys can overcome any book burnout you might have with these tips! Happy Reading!

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